Private Hot Air Balloon Flights

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All of our flights are private in that we fly couples, friends and families. We never mix strangers in our baskets.  We are very approachable and love to receive calls to discuss your exciting plans. Ask as many questions as you wish. We live and breathe flying and would love to introduce you to this magical experience as well.

We tailor our experiences around you, our main launch site is The Magnificent Haselbury Mill, a wonderful and picturesque hotel set in breathtaking grounds. They also have accommodation, a bar and an excellent restaurant, click here to find out more.

 The cost for a couple to fly in The Fly Navy Balloon is £750. 

Prices are £375 per person and £225 for children under 16 (must be accompanied by an adult)

We would be delighted to send you a gift voucher to present to your loved one, it can be exchanged for a flight ticket closer to the time of the flight once we are certain of the weather and we proceed with the flight booking.

The Royal Navy Balloon is Cameron Balloons type Z105, which is 105,000 cubic feet in volume (approx. 3000 cubic metres) and in average summer temperatures can lift a load of approximately 350kgs to 400kgs. 4 adults flying together is possible depending upon weight and outside air temperature. Other options are possible so please do call for a chat and we will discuss your requirements.

We love to travel and would be happy to fly from your land, or a friendly farmer close by if that is your wish, subject to distance a mileage fee would be charged.

We do not ask for payment until we know the flight is almost certain, usually a day or 2 in advance of your chosen date. If the weather is unsuitable and we cannot fly, we will chat and try to find another date that works for you, assuming that is your wish. If your car has broken down, or for any reason funds are tight, just tell us you need to cancel. We know life throws surprises and we only want the best for you.

If you would like a personalised voucher emailing to slip into a card for someone’s special occasion, it would be our pleasure.

Balloons fly with the wind. A part of the magic of ballooning is that we never know exactly where we will land. Our magical flights take you over beautiful countryside, towns and villages. The flight is at least an hour long, often more as our pilot just loves flying! 

The entire experience from meeting you to the farewell is usually about 4 hours. Ballooning is very personal and great fun and you are welcomed and encouraged to help with setup of the balloon and to pack away after the flight.


Drinks are served in flight and/or after landing. Normally Champagne, but soft drinks, wine or beer may be requested in advance. It's your choice and all drinks are included. After the flight you will be given a personalised signed flight certificate, a Royal Navy Balloon pin brooch and a GoPro video of the entire flight. Also, a digital flight track of your flight can be sent to you along with the video. 

So, all that we need to proceed is a confirmation from you with names of guests, a contact phone number and the date, or range of dates on which you wish to fly. In the Summer months, we fly in the mornings and evenings, let us know which you prefer. We will place you in our diary and as the date approaches, we will be in touch with weather updates and flight confirmation. We always pray for fine weather and then we can go on a magical journey.

Book A Flight

Please call us on 07870 599148 to make a flight booking.or