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Haselbury Mill is nestled in the Somerset countryside with a meandering river, tranquil lake and 14-acres of glorious
gardens. With three historically listed buildings and our Magnificent Tithe barn, we’re steeped in history with a timeless
charm. While you visit, why not stay for a meal, the food is superb. Accommodation is also available, contact The Mill on  01460 77095 for bookings or leave it to us, we should be delighted to help.

Click the link to go to their website Haselbury Mill

Other Options

You may wish to check out some other balloon companies that fly in our local area. So, here are a couple of options.

Firstly, we have Flyaway Ballooning who also fly from the Haselbury Mill. You may have seen Hugo flying the Bath Gin balloon in our area.
Flyaway Ballooning

Elite Air primarily fly in the Bristol and Bath area but will travel to fly in your area. They also operate a larger balloon that may be ideal if you have a larger family or a few friends to join you.
Elite Air

The Weather

The weather is an essential element that must be respected in order to fly. Weather is something we all talk about, every day! We typically fly in dry and calm conditions. It's great to have some wind in order to travel along with it, but totally calm conditions are superb too. We have a limit of course, but generally if it's less than 10MPH then it is usually safe to fly. Rain is not good flying weather, as is fog. We use many professional and highly accurate sources of information to check the weather, but a good place to start is XC Weather. Click to link below to see what the weather holds in store for you today.

XC Weather

Fly Like a Bird!

How about something different, a little more adrenaline? Hot Air Ballooning is most definitely not a high adrenaline discipline, it is very tranquil and quiet as we drift with the wind. Hang Gliding is far more dynamic. I have flown hang gliders for nearly 50 years! My friend and colleague, Sam Jeyes, offers tandem flights at the magnificent coastal hills above Woolacombe Bay.

Take a look at his website for more information  Flylikeabird